1-on-1 coaching

We work together to create a meditation program specific to your needs, drawing on the practices that best fit you and your situation.  (ie: illness, fatigue, anxiety, marriages in crisis, eating disorders, money struggles, career struggles, childhood trauma, etc.) We gently bring these situations to the practice and – like oysters turning dirt into pearls – transform them into well-being, stability and health.



The kind of breakthroughs I have with Justin in a single session are the kind of breakthroughs that used to take me years to have. I grew up with the belief that having a job–any job–trumps personal happiness and well-being. I am now in the middle of creating my own work with skills I have that are enjoyable and valuable to me – and people want it. This is a huge relief.” – Karen, no longer stuck at a dead-end job

I have been trying to heal this issue for over 20 years. In just two sessions with Justin, looking at it through “The Work,” I gained a more comprehensive picture of what happened. I feel much more empowered and open, and am overwhelmed with gratitude!” – Survivor of childhood sexual abuse

I walked away fifty pounds lighter.  My anxiety hasn’t sucked me in since. Thank you!” – Mike, no longer suffering from chronic anxiety

“My instincts in this issue have totally changed. My boss can’t trigger me anymore. I’m so much happier at work.” – Man on the verge of quitting a job

Things are looking up. I wrote to him right after our session to apologize and he wrote back with a sweet message right away. Thank you.” – man on the verge of a break up


$497 / month for 3 months


or $1397 pay-in-full (save $100)