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Justin is an independent meditation teacher in the workplace, at retreats, and one-on-one. He is a senior teacher for Journey Meditation and has taught at McKinsey Consulting Group, Facebook, Spotify, Morgan Stanley, Seatgeek, Viacom, Barkley’s Bank, among many others. A practitioner for nearly 20 years, Justin has been teaching meditation classes and retreats since 2006 in the US, Europe, and online at places such as Lucid Body House, Easton Mountain, and the Moulin de Chaves in France. He is a graduate of Byron Katie’s School for ‘The Work,’ an inquiry-based stress reduction technique which he facilitates professionally. His meditation roots are in Tibetan Buddhism (Chagdud Gonpa Sangha), in which he completed a Bodhisattva Peace Training and 18 months of personal retreat. Justin is also a graduate of Yale, where he obtained an MFA in playwriting, and of the Sorbonne, where obtained a MA in theater.

A list of some of his activities is here:

Living Beyond Belief – April 14-17, 2016 at Easton Mountain Retreat Center http://eastonmountain.org/livingbeyondbelief/

March ’15 “Harlem Health Day” at Harlem Yoga: Intro to The Work for Harlem Residents

Nov ’14, Dec ’14, and Feb ’15 at Lucid Body House: Introduction to The Work

March ’15 online “Do-The-Work-Group” in FRENCH assisted by CF Monique Dankers

April ’15 3-day weekend retreat “Living Beyond Belief” at Easton Mountain

Sept ’15 “Social Change Free of Anger and Fear” at Easton Mountain

Sept ’15 “Learn to do The Work” Lucid Body House in NYC

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I am also a professional playwright. You can learn more about that at www.justintaylorplays.com.