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Recent clients: Facebook, McKinsey, Spotify, Morgan Stanley, Barkley’s Bank, Seatgeek among many others.

A healthier, happier workforce does better work, period. People in high-performance, high-stress workplaces and career fields need to have ways of metabolizing stress. Meditation, when done correctly and consistently, cannot only mitigate work-related burnout, stress or anxiety, it can make people less prone to its effects in the first place, resulting in greater productivity and employee retention. My regular students often report that they are less reactive and less stressed by the things that inevitably happen. That kind of shift is a game changer, not only for an employee but for a company.

Participants in my workplace classes report an overall:

20-30% reduction in general stress levels

20-30% reduction in chronic anxiety and depression

20-30% increase in overall mood

Interested to bring meditation to your workplace? Please contact for more information: 929-244-9719 or justin@thrivingyou.net